Unexplained Senior Weight Loss: What to Be Aware Of

Are you an older person who has lost weight recently without trying to do so? At first, you probably felt pretty good about yourself. You noticed that you were dropping a couple of pounds, and maybe even looking better in the mirror. But as you continued to lose weight unintentionally, you began to get concerned. You probably wondered if this was a sign of some debilitating disease or condition.

Unexplained senior weight loss is a good reason for concern. Diabetes is just one dangerous condition which can cause unintentional weight loss, in seniors as well as other adults. To try and explain your inexplicable weight loss check out some probable causes below, and be sure to consult your physician.

#1 – Recent Changes in Your Life and Environment

Moving can have a dramatic effect on your mind and body. The same can definitely be said for entering or leaving a serious relationship. If you just received a job promotion and are now traveling all the time, this can also precipitate weight loss. If you have experienced some major change in your life recently, that could be the simple reason for your drop in weight.

#2 – Natural Physical Changes

As you age, your body changes. Simply looking in the mirror you understand that your body is much different than it was 10, 20 and 30 years ago. Your metabolism slows down, and you have a natural tendency to develop less body mass and muscle. Because of this, seniors simply do not have the hunger that they did when they were younger. As all these changes take place, they can combine to naturally melt away the pounds.

#3 – Medication

The medical community understands that certain medications have specific side effects. Even so, until you as an individual take any type of medicine, there is no telling how your very specific body chemistry will react to it. Medication can cause weight gain and weight loss, as well as a long list of other mental and physical side effects.

#4 – Depression, Mental Issues

Some older people have mental problems considering aging. They notice they are not as mobile and independent as they used to be. They miss their strong, capable bodies, and can become depressed as a natural reaction to the physical aging process. Anxiety, panic attacks, depression and other mental situations can all lead to drastic and immediate weight loss in senior citizens.

Consult your doctor and find out what a healthy body weight is for you. Everyone is different, and you have a healthy weight range you need to shoot for. It could be that your weight loss is actually taking you to your healthiest body weight. Only by talking with a doctor and or health care professional can you discover what your naturally healthy body weight is, and whether you unexplained weight loss is a concern or not.