Yoga Over 50 DVD Review

Exercising once you hit your 50s is important for many reasons. It can minimize the effect of inflammation, improve your heart health drastically, makes you look and feel better, and lowers your risk of contracting heart disease, cancer and other debilitating conditions. The problem is, your body is probably not as physically capable as it once was. That’s why exercises like yoga are perfect for the “over 50” crowd. Yoga minimizes impact, physical stress and strain, and delivers mental as well as physical benefits. Let’s put the Yoga Over 50 DVD exercise program through its paces and see just what you can expect.

Yoga Over 50 DVD Features and Specs

* Promotes mental calmness while building strength
* Improves flexibility and balance
* Instructor Barbara Benagh is a world reknown yoga professional
* 8 separate routines included
* Entire program is contained on a single disc

What’s Hot About the Yoga Over 50 DVD?

The challenges when you enter your 50s are a little different when you exercise than when you were younger. Flexibility is not a concern in your teens and 20s, usually even in your 30s. The same is true with balance in most cases, for most people.

Unfortunately, once you pass the magic 50 year mark balance, strength and flexibility begin to decline noticeably. This can lead to a dependent lifestyle as you age, something that no one looks forward to.

The Yoga Over 50 workout program can change that. It’s contained on a single DVD, and has been specifically designed by a globally recognized yoga instructor. Barbara Benagh performs all of the yoga routines ourselves, giving you pointers, tips and motivation along the way.

Behagh has been teaching yoga for more than 35 years. She understands the very specific physical and mental needs and goals of someone in their 50s, and has designed this yoga workout program specifically for that demographic.

This means that if you are in your 50s, you will not find yourself frustrated, trying to keep up with an exercise format that does not recognize your specific situation. All 8 routines can be practiced in 20 to 60 minutes, and can be customized for the individual.

Why It’s Not so Hot

If you have been practicing yoga for years, this beginner’s program for people over 50 might not be right for you. But for the over 50 individual looking to improve balance, flexibility and strength while reducing stress and mental clarity, this inexpensive yoga DVD makes a nice purchase.

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Who Is the Yoga over 50 DVD Perfect For?

Filmed in the beautiful Glacier National Park setting, the Yoga over 50 workout program is a low-cost, high reward exercise tool. Yoga is well known for delivering both mental and physical benefits, which makes this the perfect purchase if you want to reduce stress and promote a healthy lifestyle through low impact exercises. Your investment is small, and the DVD format makes this over 50 yoga program portable and easy to access just about anywhere.